How to Become Independent Essay

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First, think about your own life, especially your frustrations. Take out a sheet of paper and write at the top: I WANT TO STOP BEING CONTROLLED BY . . . Then, about halfway down, write . . . SO THAT I CAN . . .

Hopefully, this will inspire you to list what and/or whom you wish to become independent of. School deadlines? Peer pressure? Your parent's expectations? Your fears of the future? Name as many as you can, being as specific as possible. On the bottom half of the paper, write the things you would do, if you were free of the things on top. Spend more time with your friends? Develop your abilities? Travel the world?

Then, read through the text of the Declaration of Independence. On a different sheet of paper, write down the key sentences from the Declaration, but leave blank spaces where some of the specific issues are written into it. (It is all right to abbreviate, because you will need to rewrite it after you finish.) Read through your rewritten Declaration. Can you imagine something going into each blank space so that it speaks about your own concerns, instead of the colonists'? Pick the items off the other sheet that seem to give you the most to put into the blank spaces. It would be best if you could pick one item from the top half and one item from the bottom half so that the entire sentence says something that is true for you, such as I WANT TO STOP BEING CONTROLLED BY the fashion police at school SO THAT I CAN wear the kind of clothes I like instead of