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How to build a cabinet

Step 1, select ____ by ))) wooden veneer timber.
Step 2, mark out on the board your design copied off the white board
Step 3 use a hand router to cut a grove into the side, do this on both sides\
Step 4. Use the radio arm saw the cut the board in half between the two middle lines
Use a space in the groves and make sure both ends are even, use the saw to do this lol
Cut a shelf to your desired measurement
Cut one rail twice the length of one
Mark a 5mm gap in the centre, cut the rail there
Make sure it fits on your shelf
Cut 4 biscuit cuts
Dry fit and make sure all is square
Glue and clamp your thingos
Select the appropriate length of material for your plinths
Cut the plinths on 45 degree angles using the compound saw to create a mitre joint
Make sure the cuts that face the back of the cabinet are flush with the back
Glue then use your nail gun to join
Measure the back of your cabinet, length and width and then cut the right material to fit the back of your cabinet using a radio arm saw.
Fit it in the put a small screw in the top and bottom after drilling a pilot hole
Select two 19x19 mm timber rods with the linght to the depth of your shelf – cut one that is long enough to go along the front, glue and nail the two long ones along the side, do this the hight of your shelf, down from the top of the cabinet, finally, glue and nail the one going across the front. A template can be used, so you can turn your cabinet