Essay on How to Change a Transmission

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The Process of Changing a Transmission: In a Rear Wheel Drive Sedan
Robert P. Fiegenbaum
Crown College
ENG 131, Essay 1
Professor R. Harrell
April 4, 2013

The Process of Changing a Transmission: In a Rear Wheel Drive Sedan When removing a transmission, caution should be observed, as the unit is quite heavy. The transmission can be removed on the ground with a floor jack; however the floor jack gives only support and has a small lifting surface, so it becomes very unstable. A regular transmission jack for under the car should be used. The transmission should also be drained of fluid or it will pour out when the transmission is angled down. Typically you can plug the rear or tail of the transmission with a rag as a precaution. Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands. Drain the transmission by placing a container under the transmission and remove the pan. Replace the pan when finished draining. Remove the drive shaft and place aside. Remove the front cover on the lower part of the transmission. This front cover conceals the torque converter. Remove the torque converter bolts. Insert the screwdriver in between the teeth on the flex-plate to prevent turning as the bolts are removed. Lift the transmission with the floor jack just enough to take the weight off of the transmission mount. Remove the bolts in the transmission mount and the frame bolts in the cross member and remove the cross member. Remove the gearshift linkage. Just remove the cable and support bracket and move out of the way. Remove the transmission cooler lines and cap them to prevent leakage. Remove the electrical connectors. Remove the