How To Controlting The Control Box Of Vibratory Boxer

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Vibrating Feeder can be divided into steel structure and grate structure, steel structure of the feeder is used in the application of production line, the more will the material evenly into all broken equipment; Grate structure of the feeder can be coarse screening for material, make the system more economic and reasonable on the preparation, has been as an indispensable equipment in the crushing screening. But do you know how to adjust the control cabinet of vibratory feeder?

The way of adjusting the control box of vibratory feeder is as follows: Feeder automatic feeding is through the main motor current changes and the fan is normal or not to realize feeding and stop.In a normal operation of the fan, when the main motor current more than the rated current to stop feeding, after falling demand continue to feed, automatic feed is to use the main motor current changes or not by the movements of the current relay, realize the control of thyristor voltage on and off, and achieve the goal of whether feeding.When fan stops malfunction, the same principle, the feeder stop feeding.System adopted in current relay for DL - 13/6 type over-current relay.Four relay has two line, when two coils in series, the current action can be from 1.5 A, transferred to 3 A.When two coils in parallel, its current action can adjust at will between 3 to 6 a.Due to mill under normal working condition, current relay on the resulting current is not greater than 3 a, thus will coil in series.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeder ( box Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is by changing the coil voltage on both ends of quantificationally.Feeder under normal operating conditions, adjust the amplitude, potentiometer spin to the maximum amplitude and failed to meet current rating, especially the little current, need to open the feeder control box, check the slider on the R2 and R3 resistance ever loose, such as amplitude and tight after current rating is still short of, need to adjust the R2, 3 resistance (general factory has been