How To Divorce Honey Bees

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Yesterday I found a honeybeehive in my lawn the next day I brought it to school to show my techer. I gave some facts about it. I said that honey bees can proudce honey and beeswax. Also I said that honeybeehives can hold up to 80,000 bees and bees can help the evorment by doing cross pollination. Cool said my friend.

Do you whant to put it on the class display said my teacher. shure I said. lets put a fact under it I said. What do you whant to put she asked. lets put that honeybees have three parts of the boady. The head thorax and the ambomom.Ok she said.

Where did you find it she asked. I said in a tree in my back yard. You know that bees usaly live in a hollow tree or a hollow branch. There are different types of bees theres a queen a