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Professionalism varies in many different ways. It goes from the way you present yourself threw looks, behavior and your work ethic. In these years no one wants someone who cannot conduct themselves in a proper manner. You would not only make yourself look bad, but if your apart of a company your reflecting them also. That becomes a major issue because the reputation of your company is the most important. To be professional you must be serious and dedicated. Your character is a very important key, and the attitude you bring with it. You must be able to put your personal life to the side and keep business strictly business. If you’re put in a situation with an enemy you need to find a way to work around the issues for an hour and still produce quality work. Becoming an expert in your field is one part and inspiring others is a huge part. Being at the top of something means other look up upon you and you’re responsible to set a high standard. A positive attitude is almost a must with clients and co-workers. Even with yourself negativity will only bring you down you have to learn to feed off that. Given a certain responsibility you are expected to live up to your commitments every time. We all make mistakes. Admitting your mistake shows that you are not only human, but also a professional. Don’t be surprised at how understanding people will be when you admit that you have made an error. Just be sure to have the ability to bounce back and preform better next