How to Drive Stick Essay

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How to Drive Stick

Majority of world population is driving car with manual transmissions or stick shift, and it seems to be extremely difficult for some people to drive stick. Stick shift cars are mostly popular among the younger community who are in to fast cars and making their rids even faster, well manual transmission is one of the components that is essential in any performance car it determines how fast you can go up in gears it also requires a lot of skill, temper, devotion, and dedication to drive and make driving a stick a second nature.
Let’s begin by looking at what you have in front of you when you are sitting in a manual transmission car. First thing you might notice is the extra pedal on the left and an “H” pattern gear leaver. Let’s concentrate on the extra pedal. The extra pedal is called the “clutch” A clutch is that part of engine which engages or disengages power from the engine crankshaft to transmission. Now the leaver cars usually come with a five speed transmission or “standard five speed” is the proper name. Clutch is essential for you to select gear and make your car move.
The gear leaver, what is it and how it works? The leaver or stick moves in the H pattern up down and side to side and is connected by a cable or a push rod directly to the transmission. The H pattern where the neutral gear or no gear is directly in the middle and the stick could move freely from side to side, first gear is left and up second would be directly down from first, third would be up to neutral and up again to third, fourth would be directly beneath the third, fifth is back to neutral all the way to the right and up. Now the reverse is a bit tricky where you have to go all the way to the right push down on the stick and pop it downwards and it will engage the reverse.
Now when you are ready to drive your stick shift car you must first check that the car is not in gear or in neutral and make sure to put up your hand break or your car will roll once you in neutral or when you engage the clutch. When the car is in neutral and hand brake is up you are ready to start the car for this you push the clutch all the way down to the floor and turn the key until the car starts. Once the car is running you can release the clutch and let the car warm up. When you ready to move press the clutch all the way in again select first gear and put your hand break down, now at the same time release the clutch and press on the gas pedal you going to feel the car catch the gear and slowly start moving that part of starting the car to get it going is the trickiest but after you feel the car move you can give it more gas and start releasing the clutch all the…