Learning Experience Research Paper

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Learning Experiences
The image which stuck out to me to was about a boy feeling the headstone of a relative. The good outcomes which involve learning experiences are wished upon at all times but sometimes do not occur. This boy is going to have a new learning experience after the horrible outcome of his relative. Depending on how close the boy was with the relative, the boy will have more emotional issues which he is going to have to learn to control either by himself or by a third party. However, this learning experience is going to be better for him because he now will learn how to respond from this situation which will most likely occur in the future. As a result, some values which will be taught during his learning experience are to be more independent, discovering a new identity, and knowing more of his emotional/mental psyche. Schools do a fantastic job of teaching you courses about subjects which will benefit you as an employee or a caregiver. One example would be accounting in which you could make your profession but at the same time, useful when doing your taxes. However, some of the most treasured values cannot be taught at school but through experience. Will Smith once said, “The things that have been most valuable to me I did not learn in school”. In this case, there are values being taught to this boy through the experience of his relative’s death. You cannot learn to discover a new identity and control his emotional/mental psyche at school but instead,