How To Get High Grades Essay

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How To Get High Grades In School

Getting good grades in high school really is not as hard as people thing it is. Sure, you do have to be determined but the key to good grades is to be able to prioritize. I believe it really helps to just stay organized, learn how to manage your time and attend all your classes.

First, Staying organized is not a hard deal, every student has his own way to stay organized and keep the distractions away. I have a notebook in my room where I have to write down every day when I get back from school what needs to get done before the day ends. I put it in the order of most important. That way I do not get distracted with things that are not important. I usually do my homework that is due the next day first.

Second, you have to use time wisely and maximize the effort of studying. I strongly believe that you have to do your homework daily to get good grades. Most of the time you do your work in class and then you get home and already forgotten everything so it is a good review. I also think that if you review what you did in class for like thirty to sixty minutes it will help you remember the information when the time comes to take a test. Nowadays, some students think that studying is a waste of time, but it really helps you to remember a lot and every time you study even if it only for a few minutes it really benefits you.

Lastly, many students skip classes for one reason or another. But if you