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How To Seduce A Woman In 15 Minutes - Sexual Seduction Techniques
Let's say you have a party tonight, but you have no idea how to conquer a girl. Using this method, in only 15 minutes you'll probably be kissing a beautiful woman. I am showing to you now a proven system that can get you kissing a totally unknown girl in 15 minutes or less, you have to follow these steps in the same sequence I am showing to you now. Don't miss any step, just do exactly what I am saying to you. 1-How to start a conversation with the girl Stay around the bar, where the sound is lower and you'll be able to talk to her. The dance floor is too loud. Don't get drunk. When you spot a group of female friends, pretend you just saw them and ask something or just make some comment about the music. Show yourself interested on their answer. It's not the time to look excited (sex) and look at the girls tits. Get a conversation started as soon as possible, avoiding any possibility of losing them. Never ignore her friends (you have a target, but her friends are very important in the whole equation). 2-Attract her As you as you are accepted to the group you must start to target her. Provoke her, give her a nickname, for example. Tell some interesting stories about you. If they are funny, even better. Be natural, spontaneous. In the beginning you are talker, don't let the group get quiet just because you have nothing else to say. As soon as she shows some interest on you is time to qualify her. 3-Qualify her She showed interest on you, you have to return that, show her you're interested too. Qualify her doesn't mean saying to her she is most beautiful creature on earth and you want to have sex with her right now. Actually, avoid praising her body at all. A good way to qualify her is finding qualities you admire on her. 4-Create emotional connection This is the moment when you get to know her better, ask her name, her profession, etc... But don't take your conversation to an interview. Every time you talk about your life, try to tell interesting stories along with that, and encourage her to do the same. That's how you start to know each other in a very particular way. Start touching her in a very natural and spontaneous way, let her get used to your touch and then go for the kiss. If you don't get to kiss her, get her phone number. Make everything in a natural way, like you're not trying to kiss her. 5-Seduction The seduction part happens