How to Improve Client Interaction Essay

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How to Improve Client Interaction
Working with a client involves using good communication skills - the following article discusses ways to improve those communication skills.

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13 Ways To Improve Client Interaction
There are several articles on the internet about problem clients. You’ve probably read a few of them. Yet, when was the last time that we bothered to think that maybe we as computer techs; assisted a client in going from “Problem Client” into “Client from Hell”? So instead of throwing fuel on the fire, lets look at some ways to improve client interaction.
Engage With the Client.

Engaging with the client means being personable. That doesn’t mean you have to go to his son’s footy games, but show a genuine interest in what they have to say. Actively listen to the client and make small talk when not talking about the project. Your goal in this part of the game is become the client’s personal technician. You want to be his/her technician. You want the client to feel as if you care about them and hopefully you really do. Unless you are a robot.

Empathize With the Client

By putting yourself in your client’s shoes, you’ll be able to identify problems and engage more with the client. Start thinking of them as humans instead of the means by which you feed your Skyrim addiction . When clients see you truly care they become more receptive, making it easier on you to make suggestions that get discussed instead of looked over.
Show the Client Uncompleted Work

Some techs feel that it’s bothersome or just plain unprofessional to show uncompleted work. While it does take a bit more time to complete a design or quote, the amount of buy-in that the client has in the project at that point is immense. Allowing the client to take a peek and make suggestions, gets them into being more comfortable with you and the project in general. The client feels as if they made the design, like they shaped it. I really builds the “it’s my baby” aspect of the project. If you are worried that you’ll lose control of the project don’t fret, you can shape the client’s feedback by asking probing questions.

Ask Questions

Any way you cut it, techs don’t ask enough questions. By asking questions, actively listening to the client, and empathizing or empathizing with client you gain buy-in and acceptance. The more intriguing and thought provoking your questions the more you will learn about your client and project. Of course, that will only lead to a great project, a happy client, and repeat business. That is what you want, right?
Be Humble

You may be able to troubleshoot a network quicker than anyone within a 100-mile radius but that doesn’t mean you can skimp when it comes to being humble. Practicing humility will set you apart from other techs. without this valuable trait. The hardest part about being humble is if you think you are being humble, sadly you are not.
Be an Effective Problem Solver

When a client comes to us they have a problem. It could be that they need a Network, PC hardware , a service contract, or purchase advice. They have the problem and it becomes our job to solve it, effectively. Strive for the simplest solution to the problem, as those have the highest success rate of client integration. As long as the problem is solved with the client’s well-being in mind, then the problem has been solved effectively.
Educate the Client

Does the client need to know how to build a network that will work? No, but they will need to understand what they are paying for. Educate the client on the design, explain some of the science behind the technology , or explain the major differences between the differing options available. Like before, if the client can mentally invest into the project and design then less objections rise during the revision process. Don’t go into geek overload and explain TCP/IP , even I can only handle that after a cup or…