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I interviewed two women in managerial positions. The first is the manager of a locally owned Japanese restaurant with just at two years of experience. The next lady is an office manager and comptroller of a general contracting company with “decades of experience”. As I quickly noticed, these two managers’ jobs were not the only things that were vastly different. Each manager had a different level of confidence and professionalism while being interviewed. The more experienced manager answered each questions thoroughly, whereas the new manager struggled to answer the questions from a business perspective, if at all. Briefly describe your current position and responsibilities. “Current position is a little bit of everything”, the young restaurant manager, Mrs. Holloway, said to me. She does everything from cashiering to washing dishes, inventory to financial. As for Mrs. Evans, the office manager and comptroller, her responsibilities include managing all daily office functions, supervising employees, as well as all accounting, financial and payroll for the firm. What do your subordinates expect from you on the job? Mrs. Holloway said her employees expect her to “keep the place functioning”, the customers feeling welcome, and to make them (the employees) feel happy at work. When asked, Mrs. Evans replied, “To manage the office in an efficient and organized manner along with a balanced accounting system.” She paused then went on, “Controlling and handling all financial matters for the corporation.” What are the major stresses and challenges you face on the job? Once again there are very obvious differences. Mrs. Holloway’s answer was very vague, stating that everything can be stressful. “Trying to keep everything in order, making sure both customers and staff are happy, placing orders.” On the other hand, I could tell Mrs. Evans was thinking about specific instances when she replied, “Insubordinate employees who do not perform their duties as a responsible adult.” We had a giggle about this one, and then she went on to say one of her most stressful challenges is trying to manage and maintain the company budget. The livelihood of the company and everyone who is within that company is on her shoulders. That is very intimidating. What, if anything, do you dislike about the job? “Right now not much just the daily stresses tend to wear me out”, said Mrs. Holloway, “Are we going to make enough sales today? Is someone going to call out? Is anyone going to run out on the bill? You never know.” Owning a small restaurant appears to be unpredictable on a day to day basis. Mrs. Evans had a very different concern, “When higher executives that truly do not deserve it get raises and higher compensation than the employees who are dedicated and hard working.” What do you like best about your job? Mrs. Holloway was very happy to answer this question. She said her employees are her favorite part. She feels they are family. She said the customers can see the bond they all have and it makes them feel welcome as well. “That I find is rare in most places”, She added with a smile. Mrs. Evans as well says her favorite part is environmental. She boasted that the owner of the company produces a very considerate, flexible and laid back place to work.
What are the critical differences between average managers and top-performing managers? Mrs. Holloway’s lack of formal business education showed when she simply said “This one I couldn’t tell you.” Mrs. Evans thought for a moment and explained to me, “Average managers run the day to day activities in operating and maintaining a