How to Make a Roux Essay

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Crystal Pelt
Dr. Henderson
English 110-
March 27, 2014
How to make a Roux Every day I can walk up the driveway and halfway to my house I can smell aromas of what now brings back memories of my youth. The kitchen smells of spices and ingredients that were daunting to me and still are. Cooking plays a major role in living in the South region of the United States, and in some parts of the South the unique technique used in cooking, passed on from our French and Creole ancestors has become a favorite past-time. Now days there are even TV shows and books being written with the intent to replicate a Cajun meal. It’s almost an initiation into becoming an adult and part of the grown up conversation and kitchen duties. Now that I learned how to make a roux, it’s the first step into preparing the majority of my families meals.
It’s Sunday, it’s a pretty laid back day here at the homestead, and usually the day I prepare a good bit of food to have for left overs for the week. Usually I start with some type of poultry recipe I have in mind and usually starts with making a roux. Before I begin my process of making my roux, I make sure I have all my cooking utensils in order. Utensils consist of a cast iron pot, a measuring cup, and wooden spoon. Ingredients follow which consist 1 whole stick of butter or margarine, 1 cup of all-purpose flour, dash of salt and pepper, water and depending on what meal I’m preparing sometimes I may use a drop of kitchen bouquet.
I melt the stick of margarine in the cast iron pot on medium heat until sizzling and then add the all-purpose flour, continuously stirring until both are mixed well together. This is the tricky part, the stirring