How To Mount Pleasant Persuasive Essay

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Have you looked at Mount Pleasant lately? Mount Pleasant seems to be missing something doesn’t it? Well this is going to be a paper persuading you to also favor the businesses I feel should come into the town of Mount Pleasant. One of the many establishments I believe should come into Mount Pleasant is a good, fancy restaurant. We have a few restaurants that isn't a bad place to eat, but if you want to have a really good meal you have to travel to Burlington. and that can get really expensive between paying for the gas it takes to get to Burlington and then paying for the price of the restaurant. If we could get one to come in it would be a great change up from the normal fast food joints. Many people are tired of the fast food joints and lots of people don't have the privilege to just jump in the car and head to Iowa City or even Burlington to just go to good restaurant. elderly can't always drive themselves, so then they would have to find someone else to drive them to where the restaurant is at. I believe a nice fancy restaurant would get a great deal of business from all age groups. …show more content…
It could get stressed and become sick and/or possibly pass away and then in turn make you depressed that your new pet just is gone, plus the time, gas and money you spent. If there was pet store I know It would bring in more jobs and business to Mount Pleasant. Pets always bring happiness to people, they sometimes fill a missing piece in people. I love animals and I know lots of people do, so let's push to get a pet store to come into Mount