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How to obtain a job As graduation approaches the graduate needs to start looking for a job in his or her area of study. Where should they begin their job search? Some students may not know the resources and where to begin to look for a job. Another issue is how the individual should dress for the interview, and what not to wear to the interview. How should I prepare for interview, what should I bring with me to the interview, and what kind of questions should I be prepared for the employer to ask me? All of these issues can weigh heavily on whether the person will obtain the job or not. Before you begin your job search you will need to create a resume and a cover letter. The resume will focus on your work skills, experiences, and qualifications; while your cover letter directly answers newspaper and Internet ad requirements as well as follow-up with phone calls you made inquiring about the opening. Once you have your resume and cover letter you can begin the process of looking and applying for a job. Some good sources are to “read the classified ads in the local newspaper; check your professional journals; call employment agencies; ” searching state and federal government websites; internet job sites; and or attending a job fair. With any source you choose it is important to make a follow up telephone call about a week later to arrange an interview. Once an interview day and time has been set the next step is to prepare for the interview and to know how to dress. It is important to make a lasting impression. Personal hygiene is very important. “Make sure you bathe before the interview and that your hair is clean and arranged in a moderate style. Men’s hair and beard should be neatly trimmed. Keep your nails short, clean, and nicely manicured. Use unscented deodorant. Floss and brush teeth, tongue, palate and inner check and use a breath freshener. Go easy on the aftershave and perfume, and lastly don’t go into the interview smelling of smoke ”. The women’s make up should be kept to a minimum; jewelry should be simple, remove any facial piercings and cover your tattoos. Some clothing options for the men to wear a long-sleeved white dress shirt, nice tie with the length down to the belt line, navy blue or gray pants, dark shoes and dark socks. Clothing options for the women would be to choose a solid or pinstripe navy, gray, or blue dress or suit and…