How To Preachieve The American Dream

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The Game of Life is a fairly accurate portrayal of trying to achieve the American Dream: difficult, full of surprises, and the richest win. After choosing to either begin in college or start your career, each player chooses a salary card, ranging from $20,000 to $100,000, which evidently can have a very direct effect on the wealthiest player. As players navigate through the endless number of tiles, they run into different circumstances, each causing desirable or undesirable outcomes. Ultimately, the goal of the game is to acquire the most money, and isn’t that comparable the American Dream, overcoming challenges and against all odds being the most successful or wealthiest? Granted that The Game of Life is just that, a game, and it ignores the other two important aspects, birth circumstances and race, it still proves that the wealthiest “win” life and working hard and playing by the rules can not always lead toachieving the American Dream.
Birth circumstances, though sometimes
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Wealth is the biggest aspect of allowing people to have an advantage in achieving the American Dream than others. Having access to money can open doors that otherwise would "bolted shut". For example, attending a private 4-year college in 2015, on average, costs $134,600 a year-resulting in about $538,400. Over a half a million dollars for 4 years of schooling is a lot of money, especially when the average yearly income per family is about $50,500. Therefore, many people are coming out of college already set back with huge amounts of loans they owe, or they are just not attending college at all. However, coming from a wealthy family that can pay, or at least help pay, for college allows those kids to be at a higher advantage after graduating. That leads the wealthy to be ahead, money wise, from the end of college