How To Properly Analyze A Web Page

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How To Properly Analyze a Web Page
BSHS 351
January 8, 2013
Christopher Poole
How to properly analyze a web page
Technology in the 21st century has become essential to the lives of most people, as well as a useful and vital tool in finding information at the click of a button. The dependency on technology has become so immense that one rarely sees people without a cell phone in their hand or a tablet in tow. In the human services profession, technology plays an important role and is a useful tool that makes helping others a little more easily.
Networking and Resources
As a human service professional, networking and resources are vital tools in helping our participants. The internet is the greatest tool that makes the job that much easier, and allows us to gather information, resources, and services available to the public to which we can refer our participants. In the city of El Paso, it is often difficult to find the resources and programs that are available to the public if one does not know where to look. The state of Texas provides a number to call (211) if you are in need of services and they can direct you to where those services are held and phone number. If you are in El Paso County, there is a website that you can visit and it will provide you with a lot of resources and information.
Accessibility of a Web Page
When visiting any web page, accessibility is one of the most important tools that can help you navigate through the web site to find the information you are looking for. The range of people accessing a web page is very wide, as well as the devices they browse from and the environment they might be in. Making a web page easy to understand and easy to follow is a key factor in web site evaluation. Web creators might need to take into consideration that people with disabilities might be accessing their sites, and they should make it accommodating for them as well. Taking into consideration, the majority of people will access web pages from their mobile devices; the web site must be accessible for all types of devices. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to find information or applying for services online and not being able to find where to go on a site or having the site direct you to different areas.
City of El Paso Web Page
On the City of El Paso web site, they have a tab for “online services,” and it is here that one can easily access information on human services such as how to obtain food stamps, medical care, and even a job search engine. If one had questions on legal issues, there are a few options under this tab to search