How To Protect Hammer Head To Ensure Its Capacity?

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Hongxing machienry hammer mill crusher's hammer head adopts new technology, abrasion-resistance and impact-resistance;. Customers can adjust granularity discretionarily according to the customer's requirements; Sealed structure solves dust pollution and leakage in crushing workshop; The hammer crusher machine has beautiful shape, compact structure, less wearing parts and easy maintenance. But do you know How to Protect Hammer Head to Ensure Its Capacity?

The hammer head quality of hammer mill crusher: Hammer crusher machine's hammer head of quality and the speed of the rotor is connected.Hammer crusher for crushing the material by hammer head gravity the work done. Hammer kinetic energy is directly proportional to the size and the weight of the hammer head, the heavier the hammer, the greater the kinetic energy of hammer, crushing efficiency of hammer mill crusher is higher, but at the same time the greater spin to produce centrifugal force, to the other parts of crusher rotor will have varying degrees of impact. Therefore, the quality of the hammer head wants moderate. Meet the requirements for: a can make the material broken hammer, and minimize the consumption of waste, also must not make the hammer head back down.

In adition, the size of the discharge port: The size of the discharging mouth by gas to control the clearance, gas gap determined by product particle size big size. Should be combined with the selected hammer crusher to determine the specific specifications.In…