How To Pursue A Professional Career In Nursing

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1. As a UCH employee, you will be held to the UCHealth standards of excellence, these include a commitment to service, quality, teamwork, personal responsibility and communication. Please select one standard and explain what it means to you as you begin your professional career in nursing. (Word count limit: 250)

Personal responsibility is a standard I strive to uphold in every aspect of my life. I believe that personal responsibility starts from within and moves outward; it involves working on yourself and taking responsibility for your actions rather than blaming others. With responsibility comes the expectation of accountability; both characteristics live at the heart of nursing. As a nurse we take an oath to maintain and elevate the standard of nursing, while making a commitment to our patients, their families, and our coworkers. I have continued to learn though my professional and educational endeavors how crucial personal responsibility is because it demands integrity and growth. As a nurse I want to treat every person I meet with the respect and dignity they deserve; in order to accomplish this I need to be personally responsible. As I begin my professional career in nursing I am holding
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There are many components to communicating therapeutically; one aspect is having the emotional intelligence to effectively converse with another individual. Both of these characteristics are vitally important to delivering positive patient-centered care. I believe that creating a therapeutic relationship can promote positive change and trust. I learned something new through each interaction I had during my volunteering experience and had the ability to further strengthen my therapeutic communication skills. I will be able to use what I learned as I begin my professional career in nursing and continue to learn from my future