How to Quit Smoking Essay

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Why we should stop smoking and how we can quit?

I would like to show you today the bad effects of smoking a cigarette and I will show you a good way that will help you to quit biased on my own experience.

How many people are smoking in this room? How many of you have lost one of his or her family members because of smoking a cigarette? Do you know that one person dies every six seconds around the world? Do you know that by smoking a cigarette you can cause a death for yourself and for people who you love? Have you ever thought about quit smoking? Ladies and gentlemen, by showing all the information that I have prepared to show you today, I hope that you all will be able to decide to quit smoking or at least you will be agree with me that quitting is not an impossible thing to do.

Smoking cigarette is the strongest reason that causes cancers’ diseases. According to the WHO organization, about six million people die from tobacco use every single year. According to the CDC, in the U.S itself roughly 443,000 people die every year from smoking or exposure to the secondhand smoking. The regular cigarette has more than 4000 chemicals and like 70 of those chemicals cause cancer. For example, Carbon monoxide that affects the hemoglobin in red blood cells; prohibiting red cells from carrying the right amount of oxygen. Ladies and gentlemen it is simple and serious smoking means death and it’s not just for you, but for you and for others ; and by others I mean people who you love like your parents , brother , sister ,friend or even your child . I’m sure that you have never thought about causing pain for them, but you actually do when you smoke. I’ve always thought that I will never be able to quit…