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Kylee White
Period 1
How to Read Literature Like a Professor

Chapter 1-Every Trip is a Quest (Except When It’s Not)
The five aspects of a Quest consist of five things that include: a quester, a place to go, a stated reason to go there, challenges and trials, and the real reason to go there. Something that these things can be applied to is the film the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy the quester was moved to the land called Oz to defeat the wicked witches of the East and West. With having been captured by the wicked witch of the west she had finally defeated her by throwing a bucket of water on her allowing her to finally return home.
Chapter 3-Nice To Eat You: Acts of Vampires
The essentials of the Vampire story are as followed: an older figure representing corrupt and loss of value, a young, most likely virginal women relieving her of her youth; a continuance of the life of the old man causing the destruction of the young female. This vampire idea can be referred to the literary work such as Humbert Humbert where Humbert is portrayed as an attractive and charming but self-centered man looking to make Lolita his own. The idea of taking Lolita’s sexuality is something that he pursues once her mother was dead.
Chapter 8-Hanseldee and Greteldum
An example of a fairy tale could be that of Harry Potter that has parallels that reflect of that in The Lord of the Rings. An example is in the scene where Ron leaves Harry and Hermione under the locket's evil influence whereas in The Lord of the Rings the Ring alone has also a strong evil power to anyone who carries it. To add on, the locket is also connected to Voldmort's life whereas the Ring is connected to Sauron's. These parallels deepen appreciation because the author of Harry Potter might use the influence and power of The Lord of the Rings to strengthen their story.
Chapter 9-It’s Greek to Me
Atlas and Heracles
For what seemed an eternity he stood
The weight of the task pressing down upon his conscious,
Endeavoring both body and mind
From the horizon another approached
Offering reprieve from the labor at hand in exchange for a service
He agreed with haste, the weight lifted from his shoulders
Succeeding in the errand, he returned.
With no intention to undertake the weight once more.
Through deception he bade to flee,
But the other could see.
Played to his own game, he fell to deceit.
The burden bore upon him once more,
While the other rode free.

Chapter 11-More Than It’s Gonna Hurt: Concerning Violence
The first type of violence in which the narrative causes the characters harm can be found in George Orwell’s book 1984. This type of violence can be seen with the making up of the Thought Police where it explains how violence can be caused with a person’s thoughts. The second type of violence is the suffering or death of the characters such of that in The Great Gatsby where Gatsby had been murdered after having been blamed for killing Tom’s mistress. The two effects of the violence are different since the first deals with the “mental” violence while the second one has to do with the actual “physical” violence.

Chapter 13-It’s All Political

The criteria that Foster uses to explain “political” writing is that it’s where the “writing engages the realities of its world-that thinks about human problems, including those in the social and political realm, that addressed the rights of persons and the wrongs of those in power. The criteria he addressed can be referred to a previous assignment that I had done the following year in my AP Language class for a research project. Having chosen the topic of body image I had to address the realities in the world that women have to face when dealing with the media and their idea of the “ideal” body. This project had explained human problems that women are faced with in today’s society which made it in a way a political writing.

Chapter 14-Yes, She’s a Christ Figure, Too

When reviewing the criteria