How To Read Literature Like A Professor Analysis

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How to Read Literature Like a Professor 1. In the first chapter of “How to Read Literature Like a Professor”, the author talked about the first quest motif in which he presented the broad terms of the stages that make up a quest. In the book, “Innocent Man”, they first introduced the man suspect a person named Ron Williamson, who was a spoiled child because he got every single that he wanted when he was a kid. In the Literature book, the author talked about the story of the Crying of Lot 49, in which the married women had to face many challenges in modern California. In the “Innocent Man”, Ron wanted to be a baseball player and his parents and his sister helped him to succeed his dream to play for the Yankees. These two books are very different from each other.

In the second chapter of Literature, the author talks about ‘communion’ or the act of eating together. In the “Innocent Man”, a murder happens around the area and Ron was around the house where the murder happens. In Literature, the author talks that the act of eating together is not traditional, people do it whenever they so feel like doing it. In the Innocent book, the police are checking the CCTV cameras around Debbie Carter’s house and they find Ron and his friend roaming around her house, so they arrest Ron and his friend and then interrogate them. Again, these two
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She first stays in a motel and then reads the newspaper for some houses that allowed two people to live in. She found a lady named Lou Ann Ruiz, who was renting her house for people to live in. During their first meeting, they got really close and they also had children who went together and they started out with a good family. “The New Year’s Pig”, is some kind of celebration that welcomes the new year. The title relates to this quote “Feeding a girl is like feeding the neighbor’s New Year pig. All that work. In the end, it goes to some other