How To Reflect My Cultural Identity

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Honors English S1 3th
Zacharius Williams-Jackson

Cultural Identity was something I never really thought about or even knew about till this year. Is it something you can see, hear,feel,touch, or maybe it’s something you make? Maybe it’s something that only some people have. Cultural identity is where you come from, beliefs, values, foods, experiences, that shapes you in your own way. My cultural identity reflects my actions, if you ever been around me outside of school or at my Home I can always make someone feel at home, I’m never judgemental and always treat people as i would like to be treated. Food and Family also reflects my cultural identity. As a family we are all so close. Food has always been part of my cultural identity, from my grandma’s southern cooking of greens, cabbage, hot water cornbread, neckbones and the best baked beans you could ever taste. With a cold glass of sweet tea to go along with it. We go to church every Sunday then everyone of my family comes to eat at my grandma’s house. While she is
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From the weekly visits we do on each other just so we can see each other and make sure their okay. Or even the family reunions that are filled with food, dancing, singing, memories and reconnecting with distance family who may still live in Brownsville, TN where we came from. My Family consist of My Grandma who is the head of my family, then its my Aunt Cheryl, My Mom, My Aunt Michelle, and finally my Aunt Christy and Uncle Will. Then its my brothers Garyck and Jaeden , my cousins Brianna and James then Braylin and Takilyn(immediate family). At our family reunions my grandma usually ends up singing but always says she retired and my Great aunt Brenda. We sing and laugh and make great memories all through the night. My Family has molded me and made me the person i am today which means my family has so much to do with my Cultural Identity and i didn’t even know