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Section 3
Identify and briefly describe the major industry group in which your company participates TechStorm Industries is striving to become the leader in manufacturing game consoles, gaming peripherals and other tech hardware. The industry is filled with beginners, advanced and professional level gamers as well as tech enthusiasts leaving TechStorm Industries to only develop the best. Gaming is taking the world by storm and is being more and more popular as the years come. From smart phone gaming to tablets to console and all the way up to extreme computer gaming, consumers want to play. Playing video games is not just for nerds anymore, it has become a passion and a pastime hobby for millions. Competitive gaming now even broadcasts on live TV with huge amounts of sponsors and even a larger amount of people watching it. The gaming industry is not just about getting frags, it is also about a place of employment and provides a sense of creativity and learning. The gaming and tech industry provides consumers with a sense of accomplishment when beating the next level or working on a certain part of the game until they are able to move on. It also helps develop social interaction, those who normally do not have the chance to communicate with others will be able to work and develop on their social skills. Gaming and other technology allows gamers and techies to be part of a community, bringing people together, develop many life skills and possibly even create the next innovated piece of technology to change the world.
Identify key competitors your company faces TechStorm Industries faces a few competitors, like any…