Essay on How to Stop the Temptation

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How to Stop the Temptation It’s not easy saying no to sweet, mouthwatering goodies. Especially when you have been craving something sweet all day, it’s profoundly difficult to reject. Many people these days love munching on doughnuts, cookies, cake, etc., but regret it after because of the bad results. You crave what you eat, so if you switch what you’re eating, you can weaken your old cravings. We have to learn to resist the temptation and try to substitute them with other foods that can be both good and healthy for us. Every lady deserves to have that nice, hour glass body, but these days, it’s extremely difficult. Food and desserts have become some of women’s biggest problems. It’s so hard to say no to them, but they are just so savory and delectable. I mean, who would reject a warm, sweet, delightful, chocolate chip cookie? Not only is it the sweet desserts that can give us bad results, salt, sugar, and fried foods can also be inadequate for our diet. Thankfully, there are numerous ways on how we can avoid these faulty foods. First, you would have to ask yourself what it is that you crave. If you know that you have unhealthy foods amassed in your home, they are of course, just going to keep calling your name. A good idea would probably be to just get rid of them, or keep them out of your reach. Replacing your craving with a fruit or vegetable can give you the nutrients you need while satisfying your appetite. Additionally, to try and just simply avoid these foods, you should learn to distract yourself and try your hardest to not eat while bored. Boredom is one of the main causes in obesity because of the fact that there is nothing else to do, but eat. Assuredly, I believe that when you only have healthy foods to eat, you’ll make healthy choices. Replacing your ice cream with a banana, your doughnut with a few carrots,