How to survive in the game world Essay

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Junliang Zhang
FOUN111 Physical & Mental Wellness
Professor Doris Kaufman
How to survive in the game world?
May 1 2015

How to survive in the game world?

Now, I want to talk about the topic is that How to survive in the game world. My thesis is that playing survival game will potentially learn and simulate very useful survive skills, which will turn into own skills in the real life.

I want to start with question: How much is the influence of survive game to the people? Let’s take look at this. Playing survival games can be an important survival skills, such as the first aid, ability of environment adaption, and ability of solving the problem and self-rescue. As an adventurer, one of their biggest dreams is overcoming their goal of their heart. They wish that study a lot of knowledge of survival skills. 1And then take advantage of simulating games to learn survival skills, take it to turn into the own skills by actual practicing.

Let’s talking about basic games: board game. Board game can train people's thinking, memory, imagination, judgment. Board game is the human face to face playing the game, the game can learn how to get along with others, communication, computing intelligence and analysis challenges. Moreover, board games is very suitable for family members playing with their children which could promote emotion with each other. For instance, “Forbidden Island” The objective of the game is to collect 4 treasures. Everyone need to help with each other. When each player moved one turn, they need to draw 2 cards, including water rised cards which means like this bars. If level increased up to this level, it will flood all of the areas which means end of the game. It will definitely contribute to improve the player’s thinking rationality and logical reasoning ability throughout the game,

Let’s talking about the game: Dinosystem. Which is survival game based on the ecosystem. Every element of the world is emergent and evolves according to physical and biological rules: plants grow with sunlight and fertility, animals need for food, water, sleep and mate. The game simulates everything from plants, animals and weather, to seasons and day/night cycle.

Let’s talking about the How much is the influence of outside survival environments to the people?
First of all, actual practice with gaming techniques is one of…