How to survive the zombie apocalypse Essay

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How to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse
By Dylan Purcell Surviving the zombie apocalypse will be very important due to the increased possibility of outbreaks of a zombie apocalypse. This very important essay will help you survive in such an encounter. We will go over transportation, food, and a safe place to stay during the outbreak. Transportation is very important in the apocalypse. You might want a fast car to get away from hordes faster, or a tank that can survive being mobbed by hordes of zombies, or maybe you want an in between vehicle with enough speed and good resistance to attacks. A fast car like a Bugatti or Ferrari are fast but are heavy maintenance vehicles that have a lot of problems a lot of the time. Tanks get under a gallon per mile and don’t hold many people.
However an RV has decent amounts of space, and if you can fit, it can be pretty cozy. Sadly, an RV doesn’t have good miles per gallon. Also, an RV can also take quite the beating sometimes. You could even use a pickup truck but, it might not be a good choice do to the miles per gallon, the space, and the amount of damage it can take compared to the RV.
After you get good transportation, you will need to find a good supply of food. This will be very important in the apocalypse due to how food supplies will dwindle as the major and minor food manufacturers will be caused to shut down. This would imply that eventually, you might starve to death without a good source of food. Find a store like Costco or maybe Sam’s club, and pack your transportation full of food. This portable supply of food will help you find our next topic, a safe place to stay during the apocalypse.

Finding a safe place to stay during the apocalypse is maybe the most important