Essay about How to Take Responsibility for Actions and Not Blame Circumstance

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Personal Responsibility
Robert Marler
October 28, 2013
Kel Allen
Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility starts with the individual, in how he or she reacts to adversity in life. Instead of blaming circumstances, he or she will find ways around the hurdles life throws at them. Making plans and reviewing those plans to have secondary plans in place to avoid circumstances or instance, which they cannot achieve a certain goal, the time it was first made. Making plans is a big step to achieving goals in life. It is the responsibility for individual to succeed with their plans and obtaining their goals. Personal Responsibility
How to Take Responsibility for Actions and Not Blame Circumstance
When taking responsibility it is up to the individual, he or she can either make plans to accomplish what they seek out to do, blame circumstance or is someone else’s fault that they fall short of their goals. Responsibility is a huge word look at what it means: It means he or she as an individual will be taking full responsibility for what happens no matter what the outcome is there will be no excuse for failure. He or she will accomplish their mission and goals on time or before time. So as a person he or she will be putting a large amount on their shoulders.
Making the kind of commitment and accepting the level of personal responsibility I've outlined - on the local, state and/ or national level - may involve having to work with some folks you don't especially like or with whom you disagree. As I see it, that's part of taking personal responsibility as well: recognizing there is something more important than personalities or differences of opinion. It requires setting egos aside and focusing on improving the lives of all blind and visually impaired people. (Pomerantz, 2011)
Even though this is a different type of personal responsibility what the author states is very powerful words and can be applied to any circumnutates. Creating Answer Instead of Excuse
Instead of saying why they cannot do something look at the picture in different views step back, and look at what will work eliminating what will not work complying a list of ideas, thoughts or actions that will work. He or she can be very confident in saying, this can be done, if their first attempt does not succeed try a different way. As a person you need to learn what works, do not let circumstance stand in your way. To achieve what you want in life there will be hurdles to work around, it is up to the individual or group to make plans and back up plans to get past the hurdles that life can throw at you. It is up to him or her to succeed in life’s challenges; anybody can make excuses. It takes self-responsibility and commitment to finish what you have set in front of yourself to do. “It's easy to avoid responsibility for flaws, errors and mistakes by blaming others and making excuses. Anybody can do that. We saw that with Hurricane [Katrina]” (Frisk, 2005).

Personal Responsibility and College Success
Take responsibility to achieve his or her goals and work around problems. In college if you are not responsible to get the work done, you will fail or if it a group effort than that individual will have an impact for accomplishing the goal. College is a major under taking in life, finically, time consuming, and commitment. Personally you need to be 100% committed to accomplishing everything given to you to accomplish the end goal of graduating with a college degree no matter if you like the course or hate the course. Give it all you have ever time and finish with the best possible grade. The key to success in college either it is online or in class is to stay motivated, and on top of all your course work. Excuses are easy to come by, it takes more dedication to find the answer and complete the assignment to get the grade he or she wants to achieve. ”Their high profile commitments reflect a broader trend, discernible across the academy, toward articulating