Essay about how to taste wine

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September 27 2014
How to properly taste wine

General purpose: To demonstrate how to taste wine.
Specific purpose: At the end of my presentation my audience will know how to properly taste wine.
Central idea: There are a few simple steps in learning how to taste wine.

I. How many of you are 21 and over or soon to be 21 but don’t know how to properly taste wine?
II. Knowing how to properly taste wine allows you to enjoy it to its full potential.
III. I’ve worked in restaurants that serve wine for 3 years now and I have learned the importance of wine tasting.
IV. There are a few simple steps in learning how to properly taste wine.

(Sign-post: I will talk about the simple steps in wine tasting)
I. The first step is sight.
A. Observe the color a clarity of the wine.
i. “Color, more than anything, speaks to the age and condition of a wine.” Says Tim Gaiser. ii. You also want to look beyond the color. iii. Ask yourself “Is the wine color the same at the rim as it is in the middle?”
B. Observe the way the wine covers the sides of the glass.
II. The second step is the smell.
A. Its best to swirl the glass to lift the aromas
B. After giving the glass a swirl, you want to smell the wine.
i. When smelling the wine you should breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose. ii. Identify the different aromas within the glass and take notes.
III. The third step is to sip.
A. The final taste of a wine is a combination of flavors and