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For sure you love your dog, but how do you react when he just chewed and destroyed the area rug that you also love or the mobile phone charger that you badly need? Naturally, you would feel a painful sense of loss for the item that just got destroyed or that it was such a waste. You could also get frustrated with your pet’s bad habit. You might even feel very helpless. Now, imagine what you would feel if what your precious pooch chewed was bad for his health and he starts exhibiting digestive or oral disorders. So, before you get to this depressing state, it is very much advisable that you start training your dog now to get rid of his incessant chewing of anything he comes across.

To accomplish that, the first thing you need to do is become aware of the main reasons why your pet does this. It could be that he is bored out of his wits, lacks exercise, or just needs to burn off excess energy. Therefore, try playing or interacting with him some more. Take him out for walks as well or let him run around for a while in your yard and see if he stops the nonstop chewing or not. If he does...

...ot forget to consistently associate the word “heel” with him staying on your left side. Once you see that your dog understands exactly what you want him to do, you can start taking longer walks. If he digress, then just turn around and stop until he realizes his mistake. If he does well, lavish him with praises and a treat or two.

Dog lead training may sound like hard work because it