How To Turn In Work

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The purpose of this assignment is so you know how to turn in work for the rest of the semester in my class and along with rewriting my statements, you will learn some things about how your class works.
Your First Assignment
How to turn in the work: Type into this document, save as you go, then after you are finished, highlight the entire sheet, copy it, then click to the Dropbox, find the Assignment and paste it into the box. I show you how to do this in the Video on the home page.
Directions: Below REWRITE each statement into your own words. This may also include turning these statements into a question form and then answer the question (NO TRUE OR FALSE).
If you put your answers in a different color, not yellow, then I will give you 1 point extra credit with each assignment you do this for, for the rest of the semester.
1-The fast you get your work done for Friday, the fast you are done for the week.
2-You can turn late work in, but you will drop one whole grade if it is 1 week late.
3-When you go to the drop box and past your assignment in there and that’s how to your assignments in and do not add attachments.
4- When you click on the Calendar it tells you what you need to do and when you need to hand it in.
6-When you go to your Grade book look and see what work you need to work on.
7-When you go to the discussion you won’t see anyone else’s in till you write your own.
8-According to what you read and what is due first, the e-book and the grade book