How To Use Mindfulness Meditation Essay

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Lasandra Kiser
Professor Green
12 August 2015
Using Mindfulness-Meditation to Relax
With so many obstacles and demanding life priorities, like work, family, and friends, life can be overwhelming. With only twenty-four hours in a day and needing seven to eight of them to sleep, it can be hard to find time to relax. Sometimes, you can become unaware of life and how demanding work, family, and friends can be. Before you know it, your body, mind, and soul have gone into overdrive. I use mindfulness-meditation to relax on the go. It’s called mindfulness-meditation because you have to be alert while meditating. It’s a relaxation technique. Now you can experience the same joys I’ve found by just following these steps to a fifteen to thirty minute mindfulness-meditation.
First, begin with finding a place to do mindfulness-meditation. You may not have time to go to the park or to find a quiet place at home due to kids, so let me help you out. For beginners, let’s start with the car in this day in age. This is where we live most of the day going here and there. You can use mindfulness-meditation on the way to work or school or just about anywhere you have to go. Start by dressing in non-tight fitted work wear or clothes. You don’t want to feel constricted. Believe it or not tightly-fitted clothes can cloud your mind. Make sure you are alert, so eating a light but well-balanced meal will help you to not feel drowsy while doing mindfulness-meditation.
Next, you will want to have your prepared route in mind. Also, try to clear your mind before getting in the car. Tell yourself, “This is a stress-free zone I’m entering.” The key is to enjoy being present in the moment. If your mind is all over the place worrying about work, kids or dinner that hasn’t been prepared yet, it can be hard to find a solid point to relax and meditate. Think about how great work will be, or how much the kids will enjoy dinner by being creative with it, after you have a well-balanced mind state. Once your mind is clear, take a deep breath, open the door and sit for thirty-sixty seconds looking straight ahead. Take in the moment and refresh your mind.
Then, you may want to find a relaxing CD. Be careful not to choose a CD that will alter your calm-minded state. I’m more of a Ronnie Bassem listener. Ronnie Bassem meditation music is the ideal…