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How to Warm Up Your Voice

Singing is often one of our favorite things to do. We often sing in the shower or in the car on the way to work and sometimes while cooking dinner, or maybe even when we have head phones in our ears listening to our IPod’s and Mp3 players. What most people don’t know is if you are not careful you could damage your vocal folds and chords while singing if you are not properly warmed up before hand. In order to properly warm up your voice you should find a piano, find middle c, and try and match the sound the piano is making, and then find a vowel that is easiest for you and try and produce a sound on a line. When warming up your voice, you first want to find out what pitch to start on. So to find this information out you would go to a piano and play a note preferably in the middle of the piano on what is called “middle c”. Middle C is located usually on the left side of the brand name of the piano. It is the white key right beside the three black keys. Usually if you are a female you should start on middle c, but if you are a male, you would probably want to start on the c below that. This key would be eight white keys down from middle c.
Being a female or a male starting on a c should be natural for your voice. What you want to do is play the key and try and hum a sound and see if it sounds like the same sound as the piano made. If this note is to low or is too high just move down a white key or up a white key. When you find the key that your voice matches is when you know you have correctly found your pitch.
Okay now that you have found your pitch, you have successfully achieved the biggest step of all. Now you get to experience the fun part, warming up.