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“How to Win Over Your Dream Girl” The need to belong and feel loved is fulfilling a fundamental human motive (lecture, 7/16). As people age, there comes a normal desire to seek out a partner that may last a lifetime. There might be a special someone that a person has targeted but is hesitant or wary on making sure he does not mess up the opportunity when it appears. This is completely understandable given the amount of pressure, whether real or imagined, one has placed on himself due to these feelings of attraction. Here are some helpful tips and explanations about how to “win over” a potential date. First, the makings of attraction can begin in subtle, yet simple, ways that people may overlook. Conjure up a mental picture of a potential date in mind and think of all the times there has been an encounter with that person. One important factor in attraction deals with familiarity and the more encounters with that potential date, the better the results may be. It has been found that the more person A sees and interacts with another person B, the more likely that person B will be attracted or friends with person A. This is called the mere exposure effect in that more exposure to a certain stimulus will result in people liking that stimulus (lecture 7/16). Along with the familiarity one begins to feel after coming across another person time and time again is the similarity factor. Perhaps all these encounters have been at a yoga studio. The fact of the matter may be that both parties enjoy practicing yoga and relaxation. The matching hypothesis revolves around the idea that people become more romantically involved with others who are similar to them (lecture 7/16). This similarity can come in different forms such as hobbies, personality traits, and also relative physical attractiveness. It is much more likely for an “average” looking man who enjoys the outdoors to find and be attracted to an “average” looking woman who enjoys the outdoors as well. When one has feelings of attraction towards someone else sometimes the best thing to do is to muster up the courage to express those feelings. The liking norm basically states that “if you like someone, you should help him out” (lecture 7/14). During the time spent with someone, show affection and do deeds to help the other person out. As the cliché goes, “actions speak louder than words”, and in…