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esearching: Types of Sources
There are four types of sources that will help you engage in a scholarly conversation with your readers. For the four essays you will write in this class, you need to search for these fo u r types of sources.
Activity Goal
: To identify different types of sources and to locate sources that will provide added depth to your writing.
They are:
Background sources
Exhibits or Evidence derived from Exhibits
Argument Sources
Method or Theory Sources
Background sources
Background sources provide facts, information and definitions
For example:
What are morals? v alues? character? beauty?
What other facts can be found out about Saudi Arabian beauty contests?
Exhibits or Evidence derived from Exhibits
Exhibits or evidence derived from exhibits are these types of sources:
Documents, data, field/lab observations, visual images, or other artifacts / objects that the writer analyzes. (From John Bean)
For example:
An actual Beauty Contest that you can view and analyze
Quotes from th e source being studied
Quotes from blogs written by women wh o have participated in contests
Quotes / Biographies of women who have suffered from society's high expectations
Actual interviews, Observations, and or
Results from question n aire
Argument sources are texts where others have voiced their opinions and their positions about the issue being discussed.
These sources provide the researcher with how others have debated this issue