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Stop the violence, start the diet
It is known throughout history, it has commonly been understood that nature provides the best medicine for all animals of this planet. Humans are no exception; so how does a human get the needed nutrients to maintain a healthy body? The answer is through its constant fuel supply. When the body has everything it needs, it runs efficiently and with the story, it shows that these statements are true. When a proper diet comes into play, you can have a noticeable switch when it comes to emotions. People, who have what they need, show that there is something about them that just gives off a glow. This is interesting for the fact that if we were to do something such as change our diet and how we get our food, could we stop things such as drug abuse, or PTSD. The most interesting thing about this whole story was the fact there is facts supporting change; if we change our diets we can change who we are. Everyone may not want to change but there is an outlet for those who do. We can make our own food and make our fuel to maximize our machines we call bodies. First off, this so called glow that people get is actually a good indication that your skin is healthy. I had found this interesting in the story that they focus on mainly mental health. This is factual that mental health is drastically important when you’re speaking on the behalf of your wellbeing; when you, speak about the physical part of your body, it is usually an indication of that individual’s health. When the body has things like omeaga-3s and Beta carotene, the completion of one’s skin will be noticeably different than someone who doesn’t take care of themselves. If you were to reintroduce nutrients and vitamins to the everyday diet, people will not only feel great but look great! That alone should be incentive to look more attractive if you know it will make a difference. Furthermore, the fact that illness can be cured is something so pivotal in our modern age. The fact that we could actually cure mental illness and full blown diseases with food is a mind blowing concept. For instance, there is a new concept with cancer treatment that actually takes a different approach from modern medicine; instead of killing the cancer, you destroy the fuel sources….with food. Cancer is a tumor in the body of its host which feeds through a variety of blood vessels. There is a new concept, called antiangiegenesis which directly destroys the blood vessels to the cancer cell rather than trying to fight the cancer itself. This is all done through a diet regiment with minimal doctoral involvement. That is the true definition of innovation and progress. If this does not prove the statements about health a food true, than I do not know what will. Lastly, with a change of diet can lead to a change in personality and overall wellbeing. Lack of the proper things your body needs will result in the malnutrition of your body. There are so many people who believe that if you eat more you will great healthier even if it is things that seem healthy. The issue with our