How To Write A Critical Analysis Paper

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* Students will write one critical analysis paper, 4-5 pages in length. For this paper, you will choose one of the films assigned in the class and develop an argument about one aspect of that film, or you may choose to compare and contrast one aspect in two different films. These papers should analyze (interpret meaning and significance) and evaluate (explain what is done well or poorly and why). Remember to examine the various significant contexts of the film(s), e.g., its place in cinematic and socio-political history, its national origins, genre, director, source material, etc. There are several sample papers in Film: A Critical Introduction that offer guidance. All thesis statements (or thesis paragraphs) should consider technical filmic aspects as well as narrative and thematic elements. Your thesis paragraph (including a thesis statement) is due to me a few weeks before the paper, and I will help you shape your argument and point you in the direction of good resources. You should consult and cite at least two scholarly sources and one popular source to support your position. (If you do not know if a source is scholarly or not, ask me about it.) DO NOT CONDUCT SCHOLARLY RESEARCH ON THE OPEN INTERNET. Cal Baptist’s Annie Gabriel Library subscribes to databases that index several film periodicals: Academic Search Premier, MLA International Bibliography, and the Literature Online (LION) You and your fellow panel members will lead the class in a discussion of the important elements in your film in regard especially to the reading assigned for that week. For example, if you are on the panel for Hero on Feb. 30th, you will focus primarily on the film’s cinematography, but you may bring in the subject of previous chapters that are pertinent to that particular film, such as mise en scène and narrative form in the case of Hero. * You are not expected to collaborate with the other panel