How To Write A Crucible Narrative

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Crucible Narrative Everyone will experience a crucible at least once in their life, this can either break them completely or they will shine through the darkness. People handle these different situations in unique ways. I believe my biggest Crucible was experiencing my parents divorce and my dad’s deployment at five years old. At the age of five I was a normal little girl who loved princesses and dress. My parents were my everything I looked up to both of them as they were my biggest role models. My dad sat me down in our living room and told me he was being deployed to Iraq to help with the war. I didn’t really understand why he was deployed I just knew he to go. Being a Daddy’s girl this broke me completely. I remember standing at the window of the airport watching my dad’s …show more content…
The rare times that we were able to call my dad I treasured. I think the worst phone call I received from him was when I could hear bombs and guns being shot as I comprehended what was happening the phone call ended. I didn’t know if my dad was alright or what had even happened. After I would get off the phone and hand it back to my mom I would go back to being a five year old until I heard the constant yelling. I guess I really don’t remember what I thought was happening I knew I would go to my mom and see her crying. These types of phones call continued for a long time. My mom brought my brother and I together to talk to us about what was happening. She proceeded to tell us her and my dad were getting a divorce. At this point I really didn’t care because I didn’t really know what divorce was. The feeling didn’t settle in until I started to see my mom meeting other guys. I began to resent my mom because she was supposed to be with my dad not another guy. The yelling phone calls still continued, one night I was on the phone with my dad and I was asked the worst question of my