How To Write A Descriptive Essay

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Jennifer Schacht
Descriptive Essay Final

We have been waiting nine long months, and we have had much preparation to do before the arrival of our daughter. Of all the things we have prepared for her, I am most proud of her room, my mother and I painted it and sat it up with all the accessories together. I sat on the floor and taped off the stripes to be painted, and my mom painted. It was a great team effort, and we are so happy how it turned out. With flowers and butterflies on her wall, busy pattern of stripes and beautiful colors, she is going to love her bedroom. Our crib and furniture is finally set up and put in her room. With pink and green letters above her crib spelling out the name of our precious baby
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She was awesome, and had the anestheologist come right up to get one started for me. I am a very nosey person, and I like to see what is going on. I am a very observant person and having a medical background, I wanted to watch the procedure. I took one look at the needle that they use for the epidural, and I changed my mind. It seemed huge to me, probably about seven to eight inches long, and I just thought to myself, “oh my”. I then decided that I couldn’t watch and just had them do it and get it over with. I felt a little pinch and a little “zing” feeling down my left leg, but it was about one minute and I was pain free. I thought to myself, “I should have done this sooner”, I felt great. At this point, our family started to show up. Matt’s mom, Barb and her husband Ron, Matt’s dad Jeff and his wife Becky, Matt’s brother Mark and his girlfriend Terra, My Grandma and Grandpa and my sister, Renee and her husband Russ. My sister was my photographer; she was in charge of capturing all the amazing moments in photographs. I had all my family that I needed, right by my side. By this time, a couple of hours had passed. My epidural wasn’t keeping up with the pain of my contractions, and I was starting to feel them again. I was experiencing sharp pains throughout my entire body, and I was so nauseous