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Graduate Program Research paper
Graduate program
My plan for my master is to the engineering and technology management (ETM) program of WKU. Before coming applying to WKU my plan was to study either project management or construction management which were more familiar to me due my background.
My counselor offer me engineering management and by few online search’s I found that, this program is almost the same as the the two other programs which I mentioned before.
Requirements for applying for ETM program directly was GRE test scores, a proof of
English efficiency such as IELTS or TOFEl and of course a bachelor degree. They translate your
GPA to American scale ( 0 to 4). If the the sum of your GPA in American scale and your GRE score is above 550 you get to the program directly, otherwise, well you have to find another way.
Interesting facts and job perspective
This program offer the chance to pursue careers in different areas for different people such as managers, engineers, entrepreneurs, educators. It gives them ability to increase their potential for promotion, development skills for higher achievements, and manage technical and engineering professionals. Master of Science in Engineering Technology Management prepare new leaders for entering fast paced world wide industry. Graduates of the program are equipped to manage organization resources, lead technological change, and strategically integrate higherlevel knowledge within their companies.

The major industries who are hiring new engineering managers are architecture, engineering, related Services, navigational, measuring, electro medical, control Instruments manufacturing, scientific research development services, electronic component manufacturing, and management of companies and enterprises. Job titles that can be mentioned are Project
Manager, Project Engineer or Quality Manager, Quality Engineer, Facilities Engineer, Small
Business Owner, Professor, Senior Technical Staff, Operations Managers, and the list goes on.
The ultimate job titles are Chief Operations Officer (COO), Plant Manager, Facilities Manager,
Engineering Manager, or Information Technology Manager.
According to bureau of labor statistics average salary income of engineering manager is about 122 thousand of dollars which is not not considered as bad salary. The statistics also demonstrated this group of people usually worked less than 40 hour per