How To Write A Performance Management Plan

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TO: Clapton Commercial Construction
FROM: Ms. Traci Goldeman, Atwood and Allen Consulting
DATE: Jul 29, 2014
SUBJECT: Performance Management Plan
CC: Ms. Marylee Luther

Marylee we what to quickly verify the current information we have is accurate; Arizona is the correct site for the expansion project. Current employees’ are 650 on payroll which will increase by 20 percent with the new location. Net Revenue has been steady at $10,000,000 annually. Your project growth speculation is -3 percent first year of expansion. Finally, your company is projecting the turnover rate to remain at 20 percent.
Alignment of the Performance Management
Atwood and Allen Consulting recommend that Clapton’s performance and business strategy be woven together to form a clear framework for organization success. Publishing the company’s strategic goals will help employees understand company strategy, goals and vision. Management needs to make sure that the performance plan spells out how you go about the planning processes; program monitoring and reward system within the company. This framework should be properly aligned in a vertical and horizon line. This means up, down, and laterally in the company, so all employees are connected towards a common goal. When the team is working in concert to achieve organizational growth, the company must be defined and understood by all. This happens when all employees are on the same performance plan4 working to achieve customer satisfaction. This will help employees understand how they impact the company strategic plan and achieve success.
Organizational Performance Philosophy Clapton Construction performance platform should be accessible by every employee from upper management down to the apprentice carpenter. This philosophy should spell out the company’s expectation from their employees. In-addition, the plan, should explain the company’s rating system for performance, training, and licensing requirement. Clapton must share industry standards that must be met for each of their employees and give them feedback on company’s expectation of meeting and exceeding these standards. Feedback should be given up and down to every employee so they understand how well they are meeting the company’s expectations and areas that require improvement. Employees must feel feedback is genuine towards helping them improve job performance or reinforcing they are excelling at their craft. Exceptional performance should be recognized with financial rewards in the form of bonuses. Company’s philosophy must be consistent among workers, and each worker must feel they are all treated fairly and equally to get buy-in that the company truly cares about them and values them as an asset. If an employee sees that the company cares about them, hopefully this will be reciprocated by the employee towards the company’s organizational performance.2
Job Analysis Recommendations
We recommend that Clapton Construction job analysis be uniform with Industry standards. This means that you should use the off the shelf software3 designed to help project accounting expenditures such as cost of materials, pay scale by specialty, variances due to weather delays, fluctuation in cost because of supply and demand. This software is applicable for numerous related areas in the construction business and saves money by using a tailor made product specifically for the industry. This software creates a visible accounting spreadsheet that breakdowns cost in every construction area from material to overtime page. A job analysis will help manage the cost of your expansion project and better utilize your budget.
Methods used for measuring the employee's skills
Construction skills are learned through apprenticeship and primarily on-the-job-training. The Constriction Industry has established standards that are uniformed that have to be met. This allows a carpenter in Michigan to work a project in Arizona with minimum training. The exception