How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay

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This summer I had the opportunity to embark on one of the greatest adventures of my life so far. One sunny afternoon in mid November I decided that I wanted to go on a volunteer trip to Africa. When I told my parents about my plan they were very encouraging but told me I had to make all the arragements and do all the research. That’s how I stumbled across Me to We, an organization that works with Free the Children and follows their five pillars of sustainability: education, water and sanitation, health, sustainable income, and agriculture and food security.
Of course it was not going to be cheap but I knewe this wazs something I wanted to do so I worked extra shifts to earn the money needed to go on the trip, and, after lots of planning, needles, and organization, I was on my way. Once in Ghana, our group worked in a village called Asemkow. While there we got worked on completing the grade three classroom (a stand alone building) that was finished by September, just in time for the new school year. The children in the village
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Never have I ever seen so much happiness in a child that has nothing. Those children changed my outlook on life and helped me realize that love and happiness trumps all. One thing we were taught was how to take our experience and build from it. We learned how to make and follow through with a long term action plan. I decided that the cause that is closest to my heart is health and sanitation. Something that really hit home for me while I was there was that the people of Asemkow did not have toilets, a small luxury that we at home take for granted. My action plan involves me making and selling bracelets then using the proceeds to build a community bathhouse for Asemkow so they no longer use a river. The long term impact will hopefully involve less illness and easier life for some of those amazing people because they deserve