How To Write A Persuasive Speech On Animal Abuse

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I. Animal abuse is when someone mistreats an animal or does not care about animal responsibility. It’s when any kind of animal is being abused, not fed or not cared about at all. People who abuse animals have no idea what pain they go through. It happens through many ways such as, animal testing, rooster fighting, horse racing, and even poor shelter conditions. As of today, it still happens and it shouldn’t be because it is wrong to torture something that cannot standup for itself.
Cruelty cases It’s been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 cases of animal cruelty every year. Protecting an animal isn’t hard, it’s really just taking care of the animal you decided to buy and KNEW you were going to take care of. I don’t understand why people do it, Animals are innocent, and they don’t deserve to be mistreated because all they show is love to their owner. Animals are a
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Baby monkeys, bunnies, snakes, flamingos, elephants, koalas, etc.…. are separated from their parents as babies to go to animal shows ( circus’s ) , stock show rodeos, and even for ranches. When animals are in the zoo or any kind of these events, they are hit so they can do what the owners tell them too. And sometimes, animals die because of the horrible condition that they make them live in, or sometimes they don’t get fed the right amount or the correct food. For example, horse racing. Horse racing started in 1665, it is a very common thing that happens when it comes to bet for money or racing horse for the fun of it. The ugly truth about it is that when the owners of the horses get them to train, they abuse the animals. When they are racing, they hit the horse so it can run faster and they also inject stuff in them so they can be “better” in a way. Horses are forced to live in horrible conditions so they can make sure the horse is ready to race anytime the owners feel like racing them. Anytime, anywhere, any climate,