How To Write A Reflective Essay

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Reflective Thinking Essay My subordinates would best describe me as leader as being respected, trustworthy, confident and very detailed oriented. The trustworthiness comes once I gain the respect of my subordinates and that is why they feel at ease to come to me when they have a question or concern. They do know that I will help them but also will challenge them in the process asking them to think about not only the big picture but the smaller pieces of the puzzle. My supervisor would describe my followership as being there but not where it needs to be and I need to learn how to just step back. Being a good follower to me means that I lead from the rear; I don’t always take over and just need to be able to help the leader to finish strong. A good follower will sit back and allow the leader to lead offering those ideas to help with project at hand. My leadership style is more authoritative especially when we are on a strict deadline and it needs to be done right away. I do not believe this is an effective method because I am not allowing my subordinates the opportunity to learn and going into it I already have a plan of attack. As a Non Commissioned officer I would describe myself as being dedicated and hardworking. I understand that I have a job to do and will ensure the job is done to my technical ability. My supervisor would describe me as the hardest working Technical Sergeant in her section because of all of the hours I put in, my ability to