How To Write A Short Story: The Exorcist

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“Stiles if you ask to watch Star Wars, one more time so help me-”, Kara started out. She and her friends were desperately trying to all agree on a movie. “The Exorcist?”, Liam suggested “Fine, but I’ll make sure to throw the popcorn on you.”, Malia challenged. To be honest, Liam was the most innocent of the bunch, so Kara was a bit taken back by his choice of movie.
Halfway in, Malia had left. Stiles was asleep, Liam was covered in popcorn, while Scott and Kara were still watched the movie, and Lydia had found cake in Scott’s fridge. Kara groaned loudly, slamming her text book against the desk. “I hate school!”, She said, crossing her arms. Scott snorted. “Don’t we all?!”, He said, chuckling. The shorter girl pouted for a moment before
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Stiles hit her arm. “What?!”, the blonde girl snapped. She was staring aimlessly at the parking lot. “Come on.”, Stiles urged. “Do you see that?”, Kara asked. The hyperactive teen shook his head. The dark black horses left the parking lot. Kara rubbed her eyes then went to where the team was huddling. “Who are you?”, Coach asked Kara. “The uh um, goalie?”, She said, it sounding more like a question. Finstock scoffed a bit before turning to Liam. “Dunbar! Ever seen her before?”, Liam immediately shook his head. “What in the…”, Kara muttered before going to sit on the bleachers. Was it those horses she …show more content…
“I look a lot different from sixth grade.”, Theo said, coming in front of the horses. “You did this?”, Kara asked. “To you? Yes, Stiles was just collateral damage.”, He answered. “Oh, and I did that.”, Theo added, pointing to a very bloody Scott, who was laying on the ground. Kara scrambled over to him. “Scott? P-p-please don’t-t die.”, The small blonde choked out, trying desperately not to cry. “Kara, I remember. I remember you. I love you.”, Scott admitted. “I love you too.”, Kara responded, putting pressure on the boys stomach. He shook his head. “I said I love you, not to hear it back, but to make sure you knew.”, Scott said with one final breath, his pale lips now stained in