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Crossing boundaries involves overcoming challenges.
Explain how this is evident in your set text and two other pieces of related material from your research.
- Use the first few sentences of your introduction to answer the question asked. You must explain how you will approach the question. (Thesis)
- Go through Crossing Boundaries concepts that you will explore. Relate these concepts to your thesis.
- Introduce your texts and the composer of those texts.
- You may also want to refer to the idea that these composers have used techniques to create meaning.
- Your language needs to be sophisticated to get to the B range.
Developing paragraphs:
- There are a number of ways of developing your ideas but you need to focus on the following:
- You must always be using your texts to help you answer the question about belonging.
- You must avoid recounting the plot for too much.
- You must refer to the techniques used and how they create meaning.
- You must link your ideas to the question.
This is a structure that you could use:
- Topic sentence: Focus your first sentence on a Crossing Boundaries concept. Refer to the concept throughout your paragraph.
- Explain concept in relation to the question.
- Cite an example from your text and give the context of your example.
- Give evidence of your example in the form of a quote or specific reference. - Analyze the technique used and how it gives meaning.
- This is your