How To Write An Essay About K-State University

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Kansas State University

K-State is a public university that is co-ed. It has no religious affiliation. The college is in Manhattan, Kansas, and is 664 acres. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 20,327. It has over one hundred buildings on campus.

Kansas State University was founded on February 16, 1863. It was founded by Isaac Goodnow. It was originally named Kansas State Agricultural College. K-State is the oldest public institution of higher learning in Kansas.

To apply to K-State’s veterinary program, you need to take college prep in mathematics and sciences. You must have a good academic record and have taken one and one-half units of algebra and geometry. Highly requested subjects are chemistry, physics, and biology. A strong background in oral and written communications and computer literacy is also desirable. A student must must finish the pre-professional requirements with a minimum of a 2.8 GPA. A GRE is also required and must be taken
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They have an honors program, offer internships, double majors, and international studies. You can visit Aggieville, a shopping district in Manhattan, or you can go to the Flint Hills Discovery Center. You can go to K-State’s Insect Zoo or the Sunset Zoo which has over 300 species of animals. Two Museums you can visit are the Riley County Historical Museum and the Beach Museum of Art. You can also hike the Konza Prairie or visit the city park in the heart of Manhattan. Kansas State University offers scholarships for studying abroad, rotary ambassadorial scholarships, and national and international scholarships. They also offer financial aid that also comply with studying abroad. To apply for financial aid you must contact the Office of Student Financial Assistance. They will help you figure out a financial aid packet that suits your