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The House on Mango Street was written by Sandra Cisneros, a Mexican American writer who was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois. Made up of multiple vignettes, The House on Mango Street tells the coming-of-age story of a young Hispanic girl living in Chicago named Esperanza. Chronicling her struggles and hardships as she grows up, this book beautifully illustrates the difficulty of growing up in the United States as a Hispanic, all the while showing the importance of finding and staying true to one’s self while never forgetting one’s roots.
Sandra Cisneros, a Hispanic woman herself who also grew up in Chicago like the titular character in The House on Mango Street, and more than likely used her own experiences and childhood as influences
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“No, this isn’t my house I say and shake my head as if shaking could undo the year I’ve lived here (pg 106),” Esperanza tells Alicia, further demonstrating her want to separate herself from any part of the house. However, with the help of Alicia, Esperanza soon realizes that Mango Street will always be with her and memories of her time spent there will always remain, especially the bad ones. However, she also realizes that she isn’t the only who has suffered on Mango Street and that when the day comes where she leaves and says goodbye to Mango Street, she isn’t just doing for herself, but “for the ones i left behind. For the ones who cannot out (pg. 110).” With this journey that the audience is taken on, it is clear that Sandra Cisneros wanted the readers to learn that where they come from and the things they have experienced are what shape them into who they are. It is important that they don’t forget those things, no matter how grave they may be, and to use them as a learning tool and as fuel to not only help themselves, but to help