How To Write Annotated Bibliography

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Assessment 2: Annotated Bibliography

Due: In-class Week 7
Weighting: 35%
Late Penalty:
An assessment item submitted after the due date without an approved extension is subject to penalty. The standard penalty of 10 per cent of the total value of the assessment item will be imposed for each day that it is overdue.

Students are to submit annotated bibliographies for five scholarly items related to their specific research question. Appropriate items included scholarly articles or book chapters found through the library search function or library databases.
This assessment is to be submitted along with a screen shot of the students’ personal RefWorks library showcasing the titles of the articles archived in the research space.

Referencing Style
Referencing should follow the APA procedure outlined in one of the UNDA Style and Referencing Guides: available online via the support tab in the library portal.

Presentation of assignments
Must meet Notre Dame University standards: