How to Write with Style: Kurt Vonnegut Essay

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How to Write with Style, by Kurt Vonnegut explains main ideas on how a writer should express themselves as a writer. According to Vonnegut, to have your own winning style you must have some ideas in your head. With that, Vonnegut explained eight ideas so that we as a reader can understand better ways to be a successful and better writer.
As a writer, you don’t want to write about something that you aren’t interested in. Although, when you’re in high school, or college you have no choice. With this you can make what you’re writing your own, with your own style. Write about something that you stand strong for, also something you want your reader to understand and feel strong for as well. For instance, I believe this country should allow gay marriage throughout all fifty states. Anyone and everyone should be able to marry who they want. Love is love. Have pride for what you believe in. Despite going on and on, and on and on about what I believe in, as writer it’s something you shouldn’t do, just stop!
Some writers try to make words or sentences sound difficult. You want your reader to understand you, not go to Urban Dictionary every five seconds and look up a word or ask themselves “what does this mean?” or “what is this author saying” In spite of being a difficult writer, make your reader understand you as a writer. At the same time, if something just doesn’t make sense simply scratch it out. Even though, as you write you want to sound and be like